The Bread and Bed Church

Christ commanded his disciples to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless, and he told them that they would be judged by these very works of mercy. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Yet throughout the country, Christian churches - in the face of millions of hungry and homeless brothers and sisters - have been, and are preoccupied with the construction and maintenance of grand "temples for worship only", and, more recently, with the squandering of immense fortunes on radio and TV-time "to bring the Word of God home into America's living rooms."

If only a generous fraction of the vast resources of these churches were committed to help those without shelter, America might not have a homeless problem!

In a literate, technologically advanced society, where anyone who can read can access the bible at little or no cost, and the Word of God is preached freely throughout the land, the Christian Church must be more than just "a temple for worship only", and its activities must not be focused just on preaching, "the witnessing by word only".

Preaching the Word of God is important of course, and as Christians we believe that salvation is by grace, received through faith.

Yet that very Word of God tells us that we must also be "Doers of the Word" (James 1:22), and that "It is by works that man is justified, and not by faith only." (James 2:24)

As long as one of our brothers or sisters is still hungry, as long as one of our brothers or sisters is still without shelter - we must be such "Doers of the Word".

The time has come for churches that do not exhaust the larger part of their resources on grand temples for worship only, or the electronic transmission of the Gospel - the time has come for churches that put the emphasis  on doing the Will of God instead of preaching it.

Gospel Missions of America is such a Church.

Gospel Missions of America responds in the most direct way to the Gospel's mandate that "Whatever we do for the least of his brethren, we do for him":

Gospel Missions of America is a "Bread and Bed Church": no grand temples or TV shows, but a church that concentrates its energies to alleviate the plight of the least of His brethren, a church that not only provides sermons and spiritual solace, but also a church where the hungry find food and the homeless a home, a church as He intended it to be.